I am a fledgling novelist born, raised and living in Norwich, England. I’m about to publish my first work (‘Vagabond Sky’) to all digital platforms (when I can get all the business stuff sorted out!) and I’m also developing a screenplay with Martin Ballantyne (‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Dark Knight) and this should go into production in the summer.

I have worked most of my life in Local Government here in Norwich in various admin and I.T. roles (completely self taught but I seem to get by).

In 2001 I quit to hitchhike across America for 3 months and would do it again in a heartbeat if I could afford it. I loved the small towns and the people were just so open and kind it was amazing. And the service in restaurants and bars was out of this world.

Last year saw me diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which I have apparently been suffering with for more than 12 years (made sense of all those odd little health problems I’d had over that time). But I am still working full-time and do not let it dictate my life, although it has meant radical dietary changes in the last year – no more beer for a start… all I can drink is cider and wine. Now I ask you, is that fair?!

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