Kingdom of Ghosts

Kingdom of GhostsRebuilding is not an option.

The world has ended. The few unlucky survivors live in armed camps scattered across the bleak English countryside. Foraging parties roam the ruined cities in search of food and supplies, sifting through the ashes and the useless wreckage of civilisation. Deep in the heart of East Anglia, one crew hits the jackpot; a huge treasure trove of provisions hoarded from before the days of the Breakdown. But who does it belong to and where are they now? And can they resist the temptation to double cross their friends and families in the camp back home?

And can they resist the temptation to double cross each other?

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Praise for ‘Kingdom of Ghosts’

‘I found myself swiftly as hooked as I ever was reading the best mysteries from Agatha Christie some years ago.’ – jj9k

‘Another great story from Mr Welsh, completely different to ‘Vagabond Sky’, this is a taut thriller with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing from first page to last.’ – Pete Groom

‘…had me hooked from the start’- Neil T Foley

‘Gripping story. I couldn’t put it down, just had to keep reading it!’ – Sheila Griffith

‘Tense, edge of your seat stuff!’- Rachel MacLeod