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    • Thanks! I’m nowhere near sure but it’s not the original ‘Black Christmas’ from 1974 that you’re looking for, is it? Not Spanish or Italian, but I do remember the heroine being alone in the house and on the phone to the killer. If it is Italian (or Spanish) I am currently on a mission to watch all the Giallo thrillers ever made, so I’ll let you know if any of them I come across fit the bill. There don’t tend to be supernatural elements, though. Still, I’ll post here if I ever come up with a better suggestion!

      • Really appreciate the reply! Sadly, it’s not Black Christmas, though that movie has similar tones and is great in its own right. Thanks for getting back to me! I look forward to hearing the outcome of your giallo mission. Happy viewing and happy 2021 to you!

  1. Hi, do you know where I can watch The Jungle (1952)? Based on your review I would like to watch it but I can only find the trailer 😦 . Any ideas of where I could watch it?

    • Hi – glad you enjoyed the review. I might be able to help you out with this, it depends on where you live in the world and whether a copy is in the back of my wardrobe with all the hundreds of other unofficial disks I’ve bought off eBay over the past 15-20 years…! I simply don’t remember what’s in there – not exaggerating when I say hundreds…maybe even more than that!

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