Vagabond Sky

Vagabond Sky
How would you feel if you were suddenly transported to a magical land where sorcery ruled instead of science? A kingdom of elves and trolls, of limitless mystery and grand adventure? Would you be scared of your wits? Or thrilled beyond belief? I.T. Consultant Connor Ingram is neither. He’s just pissed off. There’s no football, no Chicken Tikka Masala and no satellite TV. How is he supposed to make a living in a world that hasn’t invented electricity yet? Or the flush toilet? Or a sense of humour? But, most importantly of all, where in hell was he going to get a decent pint of beer?

This is no chronicle of Princes waving sacred swords with unpronounceable names, no saga of heroes wandering about the land looking for the magical doo-dad that will save the day. This is a different kind of fantasy. The epic, freewheeling tale of the ordinary men and women of the Magical Kingdom of Palamir; the ones who scrub the floors, cook the food and clean the toilets (well, they would if there were any). And it is the story of one man in particular. An ordinary man. A man from our world. A man who just couldn’t be bothered. A man who became a kind of hero… when all he was really looking for was another drink.

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Paperback £8.99/$7.99
Digital download for £15.63/$3.38

Praise for ‘Vagabond Sky’

‘Excellent reading, I couldn’t put it down’ – Ian Sherry

‘I loved this book. It’s gently comedic with some laugh out loud moments.’ – Joo (Top 100 Reviewer)

‘Brilliant! Irony is sublime with a lovely sarcastic sprinkling of cliché.’ – Matthew A Gibson

‘Brilliant from first page to last’ – Violet Plum

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