Santo Vs. Blue Demon In Atlantis (1970)

Santo Vs Blue Demon In Atlantis (1970)‘In a few days, I will be absolute sovereign of this planet populated by inferior beings.’

An ex-Nazi war criminal, who has managed to rejuvenate himself, blackmails the world with missiles stationed on the moon. It’s up to silver masked wrestler Santo to save the world but he has his work cut out when the villain brainwashes his good friend, and sidekick, The Blue Demon.

Ed Wood would have been so proud! The first quarter of an hour of this film contains perhaps as much as two whole minutes of new footage. The rest has been sourced from elsewhere; Japan perhaps by the look of the model work and SFX. There’s also five minutes of what looks to be an actual televised wrestling match between our grappling heroes, rather than one that’s been specifically shot for the movie.

Santo is doing his ‘Bond on a budget’ thing again, running around various (not very) exotic locations in pursuit of a paper-thin plot that threatens to blow away any moment. Atlantis is effectively portrayed by one shot of a crumbling temple (from some other film) intercut with the main action at the climax. Other than that the lost kingdom is rendered with the usual caves crammed with electronic junk and spare radio parts. Every expense was spared — even underlings on radio duty are cut in from another film!

Santo Vs Blue Demon In Atlantis (1970)

‘This is just a check up, right?’

The Nazi scientist fancies himself as the reincarnation of Greek hero Achilles, but even that legendary warrior would have had a quite a difficult time dodging through the endless mismatched stock footage of sharks, frogmen and helicopters. The shadow of some camera equipment also makes an excellent, but unbilled, cameo in one scene by falling across the roof of a car after a fight. It’s not exactly a high quality production.

It would be foolish to approach a Santo movie expecting anything more than the occasional giggle at the cheapness and general ineptitude on display, but by the 1970s they were reduced to such a tired formula that even those joys are seriously diluted.

The masked man had misplaced his mojo.


3 thoughts on “Santo Vs. Blue Demon In Atlantis (1970)

      • I’m italian and maybe for me even in spanish the movie sounds good (oh boy, good maybe is not the correct word to use). By the way I think I will start on my blog a section dedicated to the only real mexican badass hero…

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