Neutron Contra El Dr Caronte (1963)

Neutron Contra El Doctor Caronte (1963)‘I have just received an exclusive message from that great humanitarian, the masked man, Neutron, who has said he will place himself in the hands of Dr Caronte so as to avoid, with his sacrifice, the destruction of the world.’

Masked wrestling superhero Neutron tangles again with the evil Dr Caronte and his army of zombies.

By the early 1960s, Mexican wrestling legend El Santo was already a domestic film star. He’d fought werewolves, witches, vampires and mad scientists. Also the wonderful Wrestling Women had tangled with the Aztec Mummy, and that old geezer had been lurching about his pyramid for quite a few movies already, fighting robots and what have you. Yes, the Mexican film industry was booming! So, it was inevitable there’d be a few lesser examples of the cinematic art coming off the production line.

Neutron was another superhero/wrestler whose ambitions for a quiet life (with a bit of grappling!) are derailed by a mad scientist and his army of joke shop zombies. There are also romantic complications involving sophisticated modern woman Rosa Arenas, who is trying to decide which one of her three suitors to marry. Could one of them actually be Neutron, or even Dr Caronte? Arenas had regularly been menaced by the Aztec Mummy so she wasn’t likely to be phased by that, or by being attacked by zombies. Big bad Dr Caronte hides behind a mask (just who is he?) and spends a lot of time chatting with his dwarf assistant. Yes, it’s pretty much business as usual, with the film resembling a Hollywood movie serial from the 1940s, with trappings courtesy of the Universal classic monster series.

Neutron Contra El Dr Caronte (1963)

The Three Stooges new TV show was on the verge of cancellation.

What follows is a fair amount of fighting, some speechifying from the super villain (just who is he?), zombies with shaggy beards, and a bit of pointless romantic flannel for the girlies. There are a couple of nice sets to admire, but the U.S. dubbed version is so incoherent that I’m not even sure I was getting the same plot as in the original film! But it hardly matters as it seems to be the same storyline as pretty much any Mexican wrestling film of the era. Only without either El Santo or Blue Demon fighting the agents of evil.

Star Wolf Ruvinskis was actually a Latvian and a noted singer and musician as well as a wrestler. He actually fought El Santo and other notables of the era in the square circle, but never directly on film, although he was the Martian leader in ‘Santo El Enmascarado De Plata Vs. ‘La lnvasion De Los Marcianos/Santo Vs The Martians’ (1967). Unfortunately, it was just his minions who engaged in some grappling with the great man on that occasion.

Forgettable, but with some laugh out loud moments.


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