Kilink uçan adama karsi/Flying Man Vs. Kilink (1967)

Flying_Man_Vs_Kilink_(1967)‘Flying man? This is such a lot of bullshlt. You are such a lot of losers!’

With his sweetheart and her scientist father in the clutches of the villainous Kilink in his island lair, Superhero attempts a daring rescue. But Kilink has got the professor’s death ray working and is gunning for our cowled marvel…

Direct sequel to the massive Turkish domestic hit ‘Kilink D’lnstanbul’ (1967), which picks up the action at the somewhat abrupt ending of that film. Well, to be honest, actually it doesn’t. Not quite. First we get 20 minutes of edited highlights of the first film to bring us up to speed, and then this one begins. l suppose it was down to marketing — why get people to pay to see one movie when you can get them to pay to see two?

So, obviously, this is pretty much the formula as before; a blatant rip-off of Captain Marvel/Superman/Batman and just about every quasi sub-James Bond spy film of the 1960s (which were basically rip-offs themselves of course). SFX are just as lame as before, with the deadly ray gun appearing to be little more than a glorified blowtorch and Superhero flying with his feet on the ground as the camera tilts sideways. Combat scenes are ineptly staged, the action very limited and the black and white photography betrays the low budget; after all the rest of the world was already in Technicolor — or Eastmancolor at least.


Suddenly, taking over the world didn’t seem quite so important…

Kilink is still parading around in his full body skeleton suit and the blondes are still falling over themselves for his bony caresses. In fact, he spends more time with them than on his plans for world domination – perfectly understandable in the case of new girlfriend and sexy all-round bad girl Mine Soley – but he’s busy partying when Superhero drops a couple of beakers on the floor of the lab and blows up his island! Kilink legs it (possibly fleeing an army of copyright infringement lawsuits), because he’s not finished yet!

Unfortunately, we are. Here’s where we find out why the only available print of the film runs for just 48 minutes: the final reels are missing. Instead we get a series of stills with a voiceover explaining what happens in the rest of the film; about another 30 minutes by the look of it. It’s a shame that we don’t see the end of things, of course, but Kilink wasn’t finished yet, returning in ‘Kilink: Strip and Kill’ (1967).

There are another 7 moves in the series after that. Information is rather hard to find, but it appears that further escapdes include; taking on wild west hero Django, tangling with Mandrake the Magician and meeting Frankenstein’s Monster – not all at the same time of course. His greatest adversary would have been all those damn copyright lawyers, but they never seem to have caught up with him. No surprise there; we’re talking about Kilink, baby!


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