‘Vagabond Sky’

Vagabond Sky Terrible Cover

My attempt at the cover

How would you feel if you were suddenly transported to a land where sorcery ruled instead of science? A world of trolls, elves and dwarves? Of limitless mystery and grand adventure? Would you be excited? Scared of your wits? Or thrilled beyond belief?

IT Consultation Connor Ingram is just pissed off. There’s no football, Chicken Tikka Masala or satellite TV. They haven’t even invented the flush toilet yet. How is he supposed to make a living and where in hell is he going to get a decent pint?
My intention with ‘Vagabond Sky’ was to write a fantasy novel told from the point of view of the people who actually do the work. This is no chronicle of Princes waving sacred swords with unpronounceable names and making mighty speeches on the eve of battle. No tale of sorcerers conjuring demon hordes from the pit whilst our heroes wander aimlessly about looking for the magic doo-dad that will save the day. It’s more of a story of the men and women who scrub the floors, serve the beer and clean the toilets (well, they would if there were any). Yes, some of them get involved in grand events, albeit reluctantly, but their perspective allows the tale to remain grounded its’ own reality. At least I hope so! This approach meant that I could show how such a world might work from the ground up and also gave me the opportunity to poke more than a little fun at the whole fantasy genre. I think of it as a ‘working class Lord of the Rings’ really. With laughs.

Although the tale is told (I’ve finished the damn thing in other words!), there’s a lot to sort out before I can publish digitally – mainly because it’s my first time. The whole murky world of tax breaks, copyright, editing, cover design, formatting, etc is still a work in progress. It’s more than a little overwhelming if I’m honest but I’ve found that all I can do is chip away at it piece by piece.

And yes, the picture for the cover is something I designed but I will be getting someone to do it properly!

Further progress will be noted on these pages…


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